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Full Moon Gallery

You are invited to the Free Open House of the new exhibit
Summer Splash
Thursday, May 31 from 5-7 pm
Full Moon Gallery of Fine Art

Enjoy incredible art, delicious refreshments, and delightful conversation!

Featuring the works of Lejla Becirovic, Shahab Fakhr, John A. Garrison II, and Shirley Hartley, and New Works by Full Moon Gallery Artists.

Lejla Becirovi was born and raised in Bosnia and Hercegovina. She fell in love with art when she was 3 years old. Creating her art was an escape during Bosnia’s civil war. In 1994, she moved to Twin Falls, ID and has fallen in love with the area. The self-taught artist uses primarily oil medium although, she loves to experiment with acrylic, and clay.

“Art comes from an incurable injury,” says Gholam Hassan Fotohi Fakhr, the artist known as Shahab Fakhr. Raised in Iran, he learned to work with mirrors when he was 15 years old. He was taught by Siyavash Tarzi and inspired by master Farshchiyan. About a year and half ago, he came to Twin Falls, ID and says of his new home, “Twin Falls is my peaceful place.”

During his Military service, John A. Garrison II, a ceramic artist from Carthage, NC, discovered an interest in crystalline ceramics. He has spent the past six years studying, engineering, and developing his crystalline glazes. Due to the process, each piece is unique and never replicated.

Shirley Hartley lives most of the year along the Snake River Canyon near Hagerman, where she views the migrating flocks of waterfowl, osprey, and bald eagles on their river route. A part-time resident of Island Park, she has first-hand views of wildlife for inspiration.

Full Moon Gallery Artists are: Barbara Michener, Betsy Morishita, Bev Stone, Connie Pepper, Connor Acklin, Corinne Slusser, Gerilyn Fuestel, Gloria Hann, Jan Mittleider, Jessica Larsen, Joyce DeFord, Leon Smith, Neva Edwards, Paula Brown Sinclair, Paula Dodd, Jerry Dodds, Rick Kuhn, Rosi Martinez Eckert, and Roy Mason.

For more information call the MVAC at 734-ARTS (2787).

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