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Full Moon Gallery

Full Moon Gallery Artist members are: Paula Brown Sinclair, Joyce DeFord, Paula Dodd, Jerry Dodds, Neva Edwards, Geri Fuestel, Gloria Hann, Rick Kuhn, Bev Stone, Rosi Martinez-Eckert, Roy Mason, Barbara Michener, Jan Mittleider, Betsy Morishita, Connie Pepper, Corinne Slusser, Leon Smith, Bud Starr and Monica Yamamoto-Hoffmann.

Congratulations to Full Moon Gallery artist Paula Dodd!
She was selected by the Lutheran Women’s Missionary League (LWML) to create communion ware for their 2017 national convention in Albuquerque, NM.

Keeping with the LWML’s 2017 color theme, Paula worked for several months to create 30 sets of 48 oz flagons, 16 oz chalices, and 10″ patens.

Bev Stone’s Snowpuppies and the Snowdeer #1
Full Moon Gallery artist Bev Stone is the first indie author to get two books on The Gittle List in one year. She is also the first author to win the #1 spot two times, 2016 and 2014 (The Gittle List 2014). Her latest book Snowpuppies and the Snowdeer is available for purchase at the Full Moon Gallery.

#1: Snowpuppies and the Snowdeer, written & illustrated by Bev Stone, is the story of Tri, a very restless and curious puppy. The Snowpuppies series (this is Book 3) is about ten puppies who live in the snow. I love the whimsy of the story. The puppies sleep on snowflakes for pillows and a snowman stands watch at night. One night Tri, our curious puppy, can’t sleep and decides to follow a blackbird who is flying from tree to tree. The bird flies out of sight and Tri finds himself lost and alone in the middle of the forest, unprepared to deal with the dangers that nightfall can bring. How will he get home? Stone’s illustrations and page design are lovely. Once again, Stone writes a story in rhyme that is wonderful to read out loud. There is the lesson of not wandering off and staying close to home to be safe. But the rhyming is so beautiful; Snowpuppies and the Snowdeer exposes a child to the sheer joy of words. It will inspire a child to read ? and perhaps bring out the writer in them.
The goal of The Gittle List is to find great indie children’s picture books. There are now 39 wonderful books to choose from. Any (and all) of them will be a cherished gift for the little ones in your life.

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