Kids Art in the Park

Twin Falls City Park

kids Art in the Park will be mid-July, 2024.
Check back soon for date!

Embark on an artistic adventure with ‘Kids Art in the Park,’ an exhilarating half-day program designed to ignite your child’s creative spirit! Hosted by the Magic Valley Arts Council, this immersive experience invites children aged 3-17 to dive into the world of fine arts through hands-on workshops led by our talented local art instructors and artists.

From vibrant painting sessions to exploring the intricacies of folk art, sculpture, clay, and beyond, children will rotate through three captivating workshops tailored to their specific grade level. Each workshop offers a unique opportunity for young artists to experiment and express themselves across various mediums, fostering a love for creativity that lasts a lifetime.

Set against the backdrop of the picturesque park, ‘Kids Art in the Park’ creates a magical environment where imagination thrives and masterpieces come to life. Don’t miss this chance to inspire your child’s artistic passion! Sign them up now for a day filled with color, innovation, and boundless creativity

Youth registration for Kids Art in the Park 2024 will open in early spring!

Teach a workshop!

Calling all passionate art instructors and creative minds! Join us in inspiring young artists at Kids Art in the Park. We’re on the lookout for enthusiastic individuals eager to share their expertise and ignite the imaginations of children aged 3-17.

As a workshop facilitator, you’ll have the freedom to design and lead a 45-minute session tailored to your artistic forte, whether it’s painting, folk art, sculpture, clay, or any captivating medium you’re passionate about. Alternatively, we can provide curriculum options for your workshop if preferred.

This is an incredible opportunity to unleash your creativity while nurturing the budding talents of our future Picassos! If you’re ready to be part of this exciting journey and make a lasting impact on young minds, we’d love to hear from you. Join us at Kids Art in the Park and let’s create a colorful world of art together

Teacher applications for Kids Art in the Park are currently open. Please call MVAC at 208.734.ARTS (2787) for more information!

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about the program

Get ready to dive into a world of creativity tailored just for you! Our workshops are custom-crafted for each age and grade group, ensuring that every budding artist gets a chance to unleash their imagination and create their very own masterpiece. 

Happy Hands (Ages 3-5): Discover the wonders of art with ‘Happy Hands,’ a delightful trio of 15-minute workshops crafted especially for our youngest artists, aged 3 to 5. Engaging activities such as Learning the Color Wheel, Chameleon Footprints, and Paper Marbling await these budding creatives, sparking their imagination in a world of vibrant colors and playful exploration.

Kindergarten (Ages 4-6): Calling all young artists aged 4 to 6! Our Kindergarten workshops offer tailored artistic experiences, encouraging creativity in three 45-minute sessions. From painting to sculpture and watercolor wonders, this division inspires artistic expression while honing skills through engaging activities designed for young imaginations to flourish.

3. 1st and 2nd Grade: Prepare for an artistic journey for those entering 1st or 2nd grade! Our workshops are curated to expand on the arts curriculum, offering exciting sessions in painting, folk arts, and more. Explore creativity and dive into the world of art with hands-on experiences tailored for growing artistic minds.

4. 3rd & 4th Grade: Attention future artists entering 3rd or 4th grade! Step into the realm of renowned historical artists as you study their works and create your own masterpieces in a similar style. These workshops delve into the world of famous artists, fostering creativity and appreciation for art history.

5. 5th to 7th Grade: Welcome, creative minds entering 5th, 6th, or 7th grade! Explore a diverse range of workshops tailored for more experienced artists. Dive into folk arts, clay sculpture, music, and more in sessions designed to inspire, educate, and cultivate your artistic passion.

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We ALWAYS need dedicated volunteers and talented individuals to help run this event and teach classes for Kids Art in the Park. Please fill out this form to let us know if you would like to teach a class or volunteer for event help. And let us be the first to say THANK YOU!

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