Missoula Children's Theater

Generally held in mid January, Missoula Children’s Theater is a free one week theater experience for local youth ages 5-17.

Now Announcing the 2024 show: Princess and the Pea!

Auditions for children 5-17 years old will be held on Monday, January 15th starting at 4:30pm sharp. Check back often for additional show details as the date gets closer!

Previous Years: 2023 | The Emperors New Clothes

Cast of Characters:

Emperor: Pippin Evans
ManyPenny: Chalet Roberts
Royal Scholar Roxy: Kaylee Cox
Royal Scholar Red: Emma Adolf
King Air: Ben Gadd
Queen Air: Liberty Allred
King Earth: Flynn Hallmark
Queen Earth: Clara Hurd
King Fire: Peter Gadd
Queen Fire: Jenne Christopherson
King Water: Landen Crane
Queen Water: Annalise Lord
Money Council: Lucy Hatch, Rowan Evans, Benedict Evans, Eowyn Arellano
Stitch: Rubeus Arellano
Lid: Madilyn Crane
Boots: Lucy Hurd
Gem: Lilliana Gonzalez
Royal Artisans: Oliver Gadd, James Gadd, Henry Empey, Ciara Roberts, Bentley Hilarides, Ellie
Lombardo, Grace Kelsey, Jaissa Bridges
Royal Silkworms: Lily Todd-Secaur, Delilah Arellano, Hudson Garn, Mae Garn, Emma Crane,
Allison Empey, Caroline Gadd, Ann Arellano, Olivia Garn, Edmund Evans, Hazel Hallmark,
Jairrehn Bridges
Assistant Director: Eliza Empey
Accompanist: Mary Wagoner
Royal Scholar Rudy-Tour Actor/Director: Logan Smart
Director-Tour Actor/Director: Lillie Kraack


A professional tour team arrives on Monday with sets, costumes, props, and scripts…everything it takes to put on a play…except a cast. Children from Twin Falls and surrounding communities are invited to an open audition; about 60 local children, ages pre-school through high-school, are cast. In addition to the on-stage cast, 4 assistant directors are selected to help with all the work that goes on behind the scenes.

The kids rehearse throughout the week, and their efforts culminate in two performances on Saturday.

All MCT shows are original adaptations of classic children’s stories and fairytales…a twist on the classic stories that we all know and love. The impact of this program is far more reaching than the 60 students cast in the show – through theMissoula Children’s Theater Residency program we are able to offer workshops in area schools, affecting up to 2000 local youth. If you are interested in hosting a MCT theater workshop in your school, please contact us!

208-734-ARTS (2787)

Missoula Children’s Theater EVENTS

Missoula Children’s Theater EVENTS