Arts and culture are vital to a thriving community. Businesses and communities prosper from creativity and a creative workforce. Those communities rich in art and culture attract visitors, residents and other investments and are a fun place to live. The most creative and innovative workers are looking for diversity and excitement where they work and live.

Your annual membership fee investment in the Magic Valley Arts Council helps develop our community artistically as well as economically. Membership in MVAC is an economical way to become acquainted with the many artists and art advocates in our area.

A private 501c3 non-profit organization since 1993, the Magic Valley Arts Council’s mission is to “to foster and promote the arts.”  Our vision is to facilitate connections to the arts and humanities to enrich and engage people.  

The arts and humanities explore creative expression of ideas, concepts, and emotions that aim to encourage us to discuss the important issues of our time and deepen our understanding of the world and the human condition. This knowledge of the intrinsic value of the arts is why the Magic Valley Arts Council is committed to our mission.

Basic benefits of MVAC Membership include:

CORPORATE Memberships

Explore All of Our Different Level of Memberships

CORPORATE: Business Friend of the Arts

  • Receive all of the basic MVAC Corporate benefits for your organization.

CORPORATE: Business Patron of the Arts

All of the basic MVAC Corporate benefits, plus:

  • Recognition as a Sponsor for the Full Moon Gallery of Fine Art & Contemporary Craft

CORPORATE: Bronze Membership

All of the basic & Patron MVAC Corporate benefits, plus:

  • Recognition as a Sponsor for both Missoula Children’s Theater & Art in the Park

CORPORATE: Silver Membership

All of the basic, Patron, & Bronze benefits, plus:

  • Recognition on our Donor Wall in the Twin Falls Center for the Arts
  • Sponsorship recognition for Kids Art in the Park

CORPORATE: Gold Membership

All of the basic, Patron, Bronze, & Silver benefits, plus:

  • One free MVAC facility rental (upon availability)
  • Sponsorship recognition for Thousand Springs Festival of the Arts
  • Other customized opportunities may be available

As a professional and ethical organization, the Magic Valley Arts Council values:  

*Inclusion & Diversity  

*Creative Expression  

*Cultivating Appreciation & Education in the arts  

*Communities of Artists, which include but are not limited to, our members, patrons, and volunteers  

*Opportunities for Collaboration  

*Participation and Engagement. 

We serve as an umbrella organization to unite and support arts groups, individual artists, patrons, businesses and our community as a whole. 

In 1994, the MVAC was designated the official arts agency of the City of Twin Falls, however, we are not a City Department, nor are we governed by the City. Our Board of Directors is comprised of community-minded citizens, artists and business professionals, working together to encourage enjoyment of and participation in the arts. 

We hope you are encouraged to invest in these successful programs: